Eco friendly printing

Print Green – Print with Cassochrome
Flawless quality – The green art of printing

Technologically advanced and environmentally friendly printing methods; from ink to paper, we work towards a 100% recycling process whilst maintaining the utmost quality.

At our modern production facility, we have incorporated our own electricity generation system using both solar and green power. Cassochrome is a carbon neutral company; it boasts zero emissions and it’s carbon footprint is amongst the very best when tested in the European printing market.

Our green production processes directly result in reduced manufacturing man-hours, reduced use of energy throughout all stages of production and reduced use of secondary materials in manufacturing.

The acquisition of our latest HUV press in 2011 made a considerable impact on the reduction of our environmental footprint. The HUV printing system is the only UV printing method without any noxious O3 fumes, which makes it possible for our colleagues and customers to work in a clean and environmentally neutral environment.

Additional green initiatives include: correct management of hazardous substances, promotion of energy saving, reduction and recycling of all waste, promotion of resource conservation (FSC®, PEFC®, recycled fibers, treefree eco paper, CO2 neutral paper, …) and the use of environmentally responsible products. We continuously search for and work with suppliers who value these ethics by holding environmental responsibility at the central focus of their commercial activities.

We are committed on all levels of the company to continually assess and further improve our environmental performance.