HUV Offset Printing

Brand new HUV offset technique, unique technology

With a full range of services and facilities, we can produce an array of different printed material. We specialize in artist books and printed matter with added value.

The uniqueness of our approach to printing art books is two-fold. On the one hand, we used the most up-to-date technologies and printing presses that ensure ‘picture perfect’ printing. On the other hand, we hold many years of expertise, not only in the printing but also in the finishing of art books. We can advise on all the latest finishing techniques, how to work with paper that might prove challenging to print on as well as synthetic materials.

Other forms of printed materials include posters, lithographs, invitations en routing, blinders, leaflets, magazines, catalogues, brochures, editions, … to name but a few.

We put at our customers’ service the most advanced and latest 5 colour presses of the “KOMORI” factories, with sizes from A4 to 72 x 102 cm. The presses allow us to print on sheet thickness up to 1 mm. The presses are 5-colour printing with dispersion varnish and have ID drying. Water-cooled inking rolls ensure stability in the paper pile. The machines are also equipped with on-line photo spectrographic measuring of the printing result.

But a good machine also needs a good conductor in order to achieve the perfect result. Our conductors received the latest training from Komori and take their job very seriously. Professionalism and strong quality control is key in our production process.

On the 7th of October 2011, we proudly presented our brand new press, the Komori GS 540 HUV. ‘G’ stands for ‘green’, which complements Cassochrome’s commitment to the environment. This machine was at the time of installation the first installed outside of Japan.

State-of-the-art technology and unequalled know-how have produced a press of superior configuration with a vast range of printing possibilities:

  • The HUV printing system is the only UV printing method without any noxious O3 fumes, which makes it possible for our colleagues and customers to work in a clean and environmentally neutral environment
  • Printing on all coated, uncoated and rough paper stocks with flawless results
  • Instant drying of the paper even with the most porous materials
  • Temperature control during the printing process results in dimensional stability of the printed sheets
  • New powderless printing methods result in clean, soft sheets with the papers used retaining their original textures and eliminating the scattering of powder granules as previously encountered. The surface of printed items is smooth, which makes surface processing in post press very efficient.

In addition, since the problems resulting from supplementary printing by an on-demand press can be reduced, UV curing can facilitate more orders in applications that require no adhesion of drying powder. The elimination of the dry down procedure also makes it easier to check quality.

  • A higher and better colour balance and improved colour space
  • Saves energy and resources, reduces harmful chemical substances such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released during printing, and reduces noise. Komori products also comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) of the European Union.

Delivering the highest standards of quality and productivity whilst offering complete consideration for the environment, the Lithrone GS 540 HUV was developed to be the next-generation production machine with unfailing support for operation with a wide range of sheet thicknesses, from ultra-light to heavyweight sheets enabling totally versatile and reliable printing.

With the Lithrone GS 540 HUV, Komori has developed a printing press that reduces waste paper, saves energy, improves the work environment and reduces noise whilst setting new standards for delivering high quality printing and automation that the future will demand.

In practice: the Lithrone GS 540 HUV meets the needs for either short or long job cycle times, competence with short runs and capability of producing many different printed products with greater cost efficiency. In addition, the Lithrone GS 540 HUV can be specified with Offset on Demand systems.

The GS 540 HUV was designed and developed at Komori’s Graphic Technology Centre in close collaboration with the technical knowledge of Cassochrome.

At the Offset-On-Demand Open House, we presented the GL-540 along with our post press for quick-turnaround jobs of 200 sheets.

The Komori’s HUV system ensures fast drying so that sheets can be quickly guillotined and folded within seconds of being printing.

The demonstration also showed it was able to produce “make-readies”, as the machines started producing colour-matched prints after just 20 sheets.

We also demonstrated that the G 540 is able to produce four-colour prints and turn by printing the same image on both sides of a paper whilst using the same plates, which results in considerable cost savings.

The new press is able to print at speeds up to 16,500sph and can work with substrate thicknesses between 0.04 to 0.8mm using an improved feeder and delivery unit based on technology within the Lithrone SX40.

Cassochrome HUV folder