Dara Birnbaum



The cover is printed on Wibalin paper. The jacket is PET printed using offset technique printing.
The paper on the inside is Heaven 42, a very bright paper that works particularly well with video work, which is what the artist is best known for. In some places we inserted calque paper spectral snow white. The calques were very hard to print on because they required very dark blacks, which, even with drying powder, hardly dry due to its high density. We did however manage to achieve a perfect result.


The book has a sewn finishing.  Inside dimensions are 215 x 279 mm.
The inside consists of 384 pages in heaven 42 150 gr/m². The signatures are folded in 16 pages. Four calque pages were wrapped around signatures 2, 4, 6 and 8. The end pages were printed on offset 140 gsm.

The making of this book was a truly challenging job but we worked hard and meticulously on it until the very end and eventually the hard work rewarded us with a perfect book.

The prepress was done in-house. Since most of the author’s work is video work, the images mostly come in 72 dpi. However, most pictures were taken at exhibitions some time ago which, as a result, had faded or were not very good quality. We did an enormous amount of work in correcting all the images. For example, less yellow is not the same as more magenta. As a result, we had to communicate about every image in order to perfectly understand what result was expected from the client.

Dara Birnbaum is an American artist. She is in her sixties and had cancer but she was nevertheless very involved with the book. There were continuous changes, even during the actual printing process, but we persevered and ended up with a very rewarding result.Both the S.M.A.K. museum in Ghent as the SERRALVES museum in Porto contributed to the book. However, due to all the changes, the book was only launched after the exhibition had finished.This is probably not Dara Birnbaum’s last book. It gives an overview of the best pieces of her work. She is the frontrunner in video art since the mid-seventies.

On the inside, we attached a blue Jansen-Wijsmüller & Beuns headband.The material used for the cover is Wibalin, printed in full colour offset.The jacket is is in PET material and wrapped around the cover. Wibalin, which is a very uncoated paper and PET, in contrast a very smooth paper, fit well together.
A coat of plastic material would have given static electricity. The PET was already very static when it arrived at the binder. They had to treat this material carefully to avoid dust collection in between the cover and the jacket.Delabiebooks, Marke, Belgium, undertook the finishing.

This book is printed on a run of 3.000 copies.