Always a pioneer, Cassochrome initiates the H-UV revolution on G40

A permanent search for excellence
“There are no frontiers in art,” said Victor Hugo. This is the motto that Cassochrome, located in Waregem between Courtrai and Gand in Belgium, applies in everyday life. Working with Europe’s most demanding museum managers, gallery owners and art editors, Cassochrome has twice won the gold medal of the Prix Plantin Moretus, a prestigious honor.

Bernard Soens, who founded Cassochrome in 1975, is also a collector and art lover, as is his daughter, Laurence, who works with him. Both of them are always on the lookout for something that would allow them to advance even further the quality of their art printing. So it was a turning point for them to discover, in the Komori International showroom in Utrecht, the new H-UV technology, demonstrated on a Lithrone G40. “We were astonished to see the paper coming out completely dry!” says Laurence Soens. “For us, this technology was an amazing asset because we use uncoated paper for 80 percent of our jobs. This kind of paper requires drying for several days, and since the deadlines were always too short, we were always in danger of smears.”

H-UV – the solution to all the problems
This revolutionary technology opens a new era for offset printing: the H-UV system works without spray powder and allows extremely fast drying by  a new H-UV lamp of high-sensitivity ink developed by Toyo Ink. With KHSAI, the Komori software interface that insures fast settings for each job, H-UV solves all problems regarding deadlines, paper waste, smears and dry-down. “We realized that H-UV is really a huge advantage for us, and we immediately decided to invest in this machine. We were the first ones in Belgium to use this technology,” says Laurence. “From now on, we can provide much more detail in the reproductions than before, because the ink doesn’t penetrate the paper as much, and the result is infinitely better. Moreover, with the Toyo inks, we have a much wider spectrum of colors, and we can even print in white on some types of paper.

Very competitive compared with the coater
“We work a lot on uncoated paper such as Lessebo Design and Munken as well as on Chromolux. We used to have five-color presses with coaters, but the costs were much higher. We lost the paper texture since the coater covers everything, and the drying used a lot of power. Now we are better off with regard to all of these factors. And as this is a technique that doesn’t use powder, we no longer risk a slightly grained aspect,” says Laurence proudly Continued. For traditional printing, H-UV is also better: it eliminates the risk of scratches after coating and it reduces ink consumption by 20 percent.

A striking demonstration upon inauguration
On October 7, 2011, Cassochrome invited its European clients to the official inauguration of the five-color Lithrone G40 UV, a 72 x 103 five-color press without coater. Before a group of clients, most from the world of arts, including some of the most renowned graphic designers in Europe, and representatives of publishers from France, the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium who specialize in art works, Bernard Soens and Laurence turned into ambassadors of this new technology. “For the demonstration, we made a booklet on Lessebo Design paper from Igepa Belux, which was presenting its new range of special papers. Due to instant drying, in one hour the booklet was printed and finished. One cannot evaluate a technique unless one sees it applied on a machine, and all of our guests were extremely impressed by the exceptional printing quality and by the time saved,” says Laurence. “What used to take at least three days to accomplish can now be done in one day. For printers like us, who make small high quality runs, this GL-540 H-UV is a huge advantage: we now have very quick turnarounds, allowing us to tackle one job after another and meet extremely tight deadlines,” concludes Laurence Soens.