Design Biennale, June 2008

The prepress was undertaken in collaboration with Sara De Bondt. She applied a unique technique, which consisted of making images with a grid in the third signature. Together, we finalized the prepress by making exact colour matching proofs, thereby altering the colours accordingly. We also applied a special calibration to the images for printing on the lessebo design and clairefontaine paper. We made impositioning proofs, which were sent to both “Interieur” and Sara De Bondt for a final check before printing.

Although the text could have been in PMS colours, we opted for printing the text in full colour with a very fine screen so no screens would appear in the text. Sepeli, Ghent, Belgium, finished the book.
The finishing was tread sewn with different sizes of transparent glue to make the tread visual.
The cover width on the back was made to the size of the last signature, whereas the cover width on the front was made to the size of the first signature. The cover height was made to the size of the first and last signature.

The cover could have been higher to protect the larger signatures but that was not an issue since the books were individually sealed. The book was printed in a run of 2.500 Copies.