The launch of our new GS 540-HUV press

On the 7th of October, Cassochrome proudly presented their brand new press, the Komori GS 540-HUV.
The Komori GS 540-HUV is the first high performance press of its kind outside Japan, incorporating the latest quality and environmentally friendly technologies. Those present included graphic designers, specialist art producers and members of the press, all keen to witness the press’ very first print run.

The day started with Mr. Bernard Soens and his daughter Laurence Soens providing an overview of the new and improved features before the press was then launched for a demonstration run.
In collaboration with Igepa, who kindly provided their latest range of papers, the first print run posters were prints from artworks by both Peter Halley and Koen Van den Broek. The prints were finished right there and then and subsequently offered to the guests for control and approval.

Koen van den Broek, a young Flemish contemporary artist who has developed a body of work that is known and appreciated all over the world, signed each print of his exclusive edition “Dusk 2011”. A signed print was distributed to those present at the end of the launch.

Key elements of the new press include:

  • Printing on all coated and uncoated paper stocks with flawless results.
  • Instant drying of the paper even whilst using the most porous materials.
  • Temperature control during the printing process resulting in dimensional stability of the printed sheets.
  • New powderless printing methods resulting in clean, soft sheets with the papers used retaining their original textures and eliminating the scattering of powder granules as previously encountered. The surface of printed items is smooth, which makes surface processing in post press very efficient. In addition, since the problems resulting from supplementary printing by an on demand press can be reduced, UV curing can facilitate more orders in applications that require no adhesion of drying powder. The elimination of the dry down procedure also makes it easier to check quality.
  • A higher and better colour balance and improved colour space.
  • Saves energy and resources, reduces harmful chemical substances such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released during printing, and reduces noise. Komori products also comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) of the European Union.

Working with the Lithrone GS 540 HUV has enabled Cassochrome to perfect its printing process whilst reducing paper waste, saving energy, improving the work environment, reducing noise and setting new standards for delivering high quality printing and automation that the future will demand. This complements Cassochrome’s commitment to their clients and to the environment. Click here to find out more about the Lithrone GS 540 HUV.